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Armstrong & Shaw Armstrong and Shaw is a specialist in finance issues that can open up a world of possibilities to help you stabilize your business and personal life.

If you are overwhelmed by possible insolvency, bankruptcy or debts, we can help. If you have tried to restructure your business and failed to solve your cash flow problems then we have many innovative solutions that we will explore with you.

You will find our personal effective hands on approach different to bigger companies.


At Armstrong & Shaw we pride ourselves on our ability to develop innovative tailored solutions to minimise the impact on your life. We will help cease actions from collection agencies, civil courts matters and other institutions threatening and harassing you causing you hardship. We have a range of innovative solutions for individuals and businesses that include debt consolidation, credit file repair, insolvency arrangements, liquidation and bankruptcy assistance. We can also help you to consolidate your credit card and personal debts.


Our aim is to be proactive, not reactive with respect to all aspects of your financial life.