Infinity Solutions LLC

Infinity Solutions LLC

We are a small southwestern Vermont company providing a broad range of maintenance and property management services, as well as basic IT support services. Your electrical and general contractor.

Our company seeks to grow and evolve with the ever-changing economy to provide a multitude of services in one place to minimize hassle to you, the consumer, and maximize efficiency.

  • General Contracting: Remodels, construction, demolition, repair and replacement of existing structures, building of new structures.

  • Electrical Services: Residential services range from simple adding or replacing receptacles to complete knob & tube removal and updating, new home wiring, lighting plans and installation, electrical system repairs, alternative power with emergency back-up systems, retrofits and rewiring complete homes, plus year-round 24-hour emergency service. Residential ground or rooftop mounted solar as well.

  • Property Management: Maintenance of properties such as lawn care, repairs and general maintenance.